Why the name change to Disha and other thoughts

Yesterday, I woke up to a new social media trend #DishaCase. The prospect of another rape similar to that of Dr. Priyanka Reddy horrified me all over again. Until I discovered that this was the same case. Same MO. I refer to the MO of police / people changing the name of the victim to protect the dignity of her family.

Wait. What? How and at what point did her family lose dignity? Are you, as a society, trying to say that when a man rapes a woman, it is she who loses her dignity? Do you see anything wrong with that logic? The four assholes who raped her, they and their families have lost dignity.

The media is yet to drag its spine and brains from medieval era of thinking into the true Indic era of thinking. And time is running out for that.

Dear media and their connivers, please, since it’s unfair to expect you to evolve at a rate faster than rapists themselves, let me introduce you to this new thought. It might seem difficult to digest at first, but allow this thought to settle: When a man rapes a woman, he AND HIS FAMILY lose dignity.

Not the woman AND HER FAMILY.

I can’t believe that the edict to call her Disha and not her real name came also from Mr. Sajjanar, the same hero being lauded for the encounter. Sir, if you have any respect for the lady and her family, you’ll let her memory be. Stop rubbishing the real identities of these brave women AND THEIR FAMILIES, who do so much even in this world to bring up strong, determined women who contribute positively to the society.

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