The Rosie Project, A Bill Gates Recco

I have a thing for nerds and geeks. It’s called avoidance. (Not total avoidance by the way. I missed MS Office on my Mac so I got it installed).

But, when I visited Bill Gates’ blog, I found it fun, warm, and interesting, something I don’t expect. The latter fuels my avoidance thing. I guess I changed that setting for once and lo and behold! I went for The Rosie Project. Actually, what helped was that Bill recco-ed the book to Melinda and apparently she liked it too.

So, if there was a book that could make nerds likeable, The Rosie Project is it. Some forums are calling it chick lit. Well, going by some of these folks, anything not written by Kafka, Chuck Palahniuk, or Gabriel Garcia Marquez for instance, qualifies as chick lit. And I don’t come back feeling like a bouquet of fresh roses after a reading of The Fight Club. So, chick lit or not, I’m happy to say I have something in common with Bill and Melinda Gates.

Prof. Don Tillman is a university professor, engaged in research in genetics, has Asperger’s and doesn’t know it, falls for a girl called Rosie and can’t help it.

Of course he gets the girl! #spoileralert 

And of course, the way he goes about is very interesting.

He makes changes in himself with the kind of will and self-aware determination that few of us would be able to without a complete overhaul of our respective egos. That said, Rosie loves him too. By the way. It may seem incredible, and at times very ‘chick lit’, that whole idea of ‘if you love someone, you accept them the way they are’; but well, ideals serve as lighthouses to ships floating in the dark.

So, The Rosie Project meets with successful completion.

Then cometh the next step: The Rosie Effect

Getting the girl is one thing. Keeping her is quite another.

Going for it? Oh yes. Sequel it up.

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