The Best a Man Can Get is Still Gillette

I wake up to this Gillette ad, which has kicked up a much bigger storm than the Kardashian Pepsi commercial did more than a year ago. I guess that ad was the start of brands taking on the role of SJWs – Social Justice Warriors.

SJW is by definition a derogatory term which means a person who expresses or promotes socially progressive views.

In a normal world there would be a few thumbs ups for this person but in reality, which is neither normal nor reasonable, the reasons for this are the fact that we have to hold SJWs responsible for having boundary issues. I digressed there. But that is the point. SJWs will stop at nothing. Such as pedophilia being termed as a condition rather than a pathetic scourge of the mankind. They want pedos to be included in the ‘queer’ category to be represented on the gay pride flag. Because, there is such a thing as a non-practising pedophile. So anyway, this is a small example of why SJWs don’t get a lot of respect.

What happened then with the Gillette ad was a classic design problem I learnt about during a brief ‘knowledge-share’ session at my workplace – That when instructions are printed in a font that’s harder to read, the reader/user confuses that difficulty with the difficulty level of the task itself. Apparently, Ikea knows this. So thank you Ikea. My male friend had no problem assembling that beige double bed.

Moving on to males. They’re exploding the dislike button on Gillette’s YouTube link. Here it is again in case you’d like to have a go at it too.

They’re doing so just for suggesting that they are better than the toxic messages they receive from the likes of:

Harvey Weinstein

Donald Trump

Charlie Harper

Woody Allen

Ramsay Bolton

Karl Marx

Don Draper


Frank Underwood

O J Simpson


John Eric Armstrong (Know more here )

Jack The Ripper

List of all the men outed under the Metoo movement. 

  • Does not include the stalwarts back in India. Top names though: Alok Nath. Rajkumar Hirani. Vinod Dua. M J Akbar. All renowned ones.

Saddam Hussein

Jordan Belfort

Vladimir Lenin

Pol Pot

Genghis Khan


Che Guevara

Robert Mugabe (Let me throw in THIS  link detailing the respective rules of these powerful men from Africa)

Know that some of these characters are fictional but most are not. I trust you to know which is which.

But I can tell you this: we haven’t even got started.

The men who’ve gotten all riled up with this one ad that is the only sliver of good parenting they have / ever will receive, are the ones for whom this ad was made in the first place.

It talks about not waking up to a world where bullying is justified with ‘boys will be boys’. And God knows it’s the males who are the worst sufferers of it. Instead of saying “yeah, we do have a problem; glad someone is speaking out”, they’re swearing off of all P&G products. Good going.

Yes, a brand’s job is to sell. And trust me, sell they will. Gillette has moved on. It’s talking to my 25-year-old brother who knows that if his dad shouted at him, that’d be wrong. My 50-plus ‘Millennial at heart’ friend who hates boys night out where they crack sexist jokes all night long. My friend & ex-colleague whose husband is a hands-on dad who cooks like it’s his duty as much as hers.

Did you know that brands were acting as SJWs when they asked you to wash your hands 4 times a day, for 30 seconds each time?

That you needed to wear a deo.

That you need to floss your teeth. Brush it twice a day.

They you need to get your vitamins.

That you need to safeguard your heart health with MUFA-PUFA loaded oils.

That you need life insurance for your families.


Well, dear men, you need to give up bullying for a healthy society.


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