Novak and what am I doing talking about sports!!!

No I did not watch the match. I never do. I don’t have a TV. But that’s for another blog.
I did catch that Post-Grand Slam dance with Serena and that’s what softened me all up.

He’s being hailed as the fittest player of one of the toughest games on the planet. It’s natural to feel curious about it since he’s also the one who has had the maximum number of breaks during a match, for health reasons.

Well, here’s the story: ESPN story on Novak’s diet, his alternative therapy, yoga & meditation, and a book of Toltec wisdom
The Independent on Novak’s diet

If you haven’t read it already.
I especially love the fact that it mentions him having read The Four Agreements – my personal favourite of all times.

I’m not a sports person one bit but I think I shall follow someone a little maybe 🙂 ‘coz I like being fit. Oh yes I do. And I could always do with some inspiration.

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