Not the blushing bride, no more – A marketing campaign to remember

Not the blushing bride, no more – a marketing campaign by Tanishq that is etched in memory

So I’ve been asked – don’t ask me by whom – to talk about a marketing campaign that really touched me. And I had to go back to this one way back in 2013. Seems like a long time ago but the memories remain, especially the music, every note sparks a specific connect with the rich detailing. If you’re reading this post – given that I can hardly be described as regular in my attempts – and like it too, please comment, and share. It will help me achieve my targets. Targets for what? I’ll do a big reveal later. So here goes:

Advertisements inform, entertain, and even delight us. Few, and only few of them truly touch us.

Way back in 2013, when the media was not so pervasive as it is today, Tanishq, among India’s most recognised jewellery brand from the House of Tata, one of the greatest brands from India, came out with this one.

It spoke to women like you and me, on the cusp of wanting to experience liberation and family responsibilities. And they made a great point. I watched the ad s here just for the purpose of writing this blog and my eyes are now moist.

This is not your usual bride. She has a modern aura, she’s dressed in an avant garde pink rather than the traditional red, isn’t covering her head with her pallu, doesn’t have her face caked with makeup.
Moreover, a young girl is calling her for attention, calls to which she responds playfully. This bride is her mother, who appreciates her daughter wearing flowers in her hair.

And then off to the mandap, where she joins the man who is not her daughter’s father. As the traditional saat pheras begin, the little girl wants to join in. The mother ignores. But the groom, now formally her father, doesn’t. He picks her up. And the mother feels a dash of pride and admiration.

The ad ends with the child asking him: So should I call you daddy from today?

This woman is (rather was then) you and me. Us all, things haven’t changed all that much yet. We faced the pressures of the society with optimism, will power, and strength without letting it consume our inner soul. We continue to march forward with our feminine grace and beauty, as we look for the right partners to share in our joys.

This celebration called life is never over. The end of one relationship does not dictate how richly we live our lives. We are setting the right context while recognising the real good in the people around us. We are becoming the role models to a new generation as we show them, rather than merely teach, how to live, celebrate, and share.

The ad conveyed this beautifully. This bride could also be an analogy for a fast modernising & liberalising Indian society. Tanishq played it just right for the desired impact. No unnecessary melodrama, nothing. Pure and simple joy. And celebration. As if to say, C’est la vie.

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