Aynjal and Sinner

Aynjal and Sinner

Hey Aynjal,

we have a sinner fo’ ya!

Don’t embarrass me by having to catch you up.

Here, watch this if you can afford to (Be warned – you risk your sanity): mankind’s angel by Tahir Shah, the one and only. It’s ayn-jal I know. Whatever Tahir Shah says.

Now, this grand man with angelic aspirations and devilish sense of confidence from Pakistan has competition.

Our own Jacintha Morris. From Kerala. With her Is Suzann a sinner?, she’s the next thing going viral.

Of course, she’s not too happy about people like me comparing her work with that of Tahir Shah but for obvious reasons, we shall let it glide. I’m not comparing Morris with Tahir Shah. Shah did not take the video off. Beat that Jacinth Morris!

Let it be noted that she has taken down her video after the endless echo of laughter emanating from the internet, but I’ve made this observation: once viral, twice shared.

So, thank you Scroll.in for making my day.

Now comes the funny bit:

He (aynjal). She (sinner). He from Pakistan. She from India. He. Talking about uplifting mankind into divinity. She. questioning the downfall of Suzann.

Better than Indo-Pak cricket?

Much. Thank you very much.

Keep it up folks!


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