About me


From a former newspaper editor to being a closet writer, freelancer, ghostwriter, and blogger, life has been all about putting things in black and white. For the last few years, I took it easy in the demure Awadhi settings of life in Lucknow… until one fine day, I landed in Mumbai a few months ago (August, 2014).

Some call it the city of dreams, some call it the Maximum City (I reserve the epithet for talking about house rents here), I’d like to call it the city that made me want to write in public. You’ll find here thoughts, comments, and opinions, that are a result of provocation from the outside world, pieces of recreational writing (you’ll see what I mean), lots of opinionated stuff, and even some reblogs and shares of pieces that may have touched me.

Finally, I welcome comments and appreciation posted in a constructive way, not intending to hurt or humiliate someone.